Find out why Parent’s LOVE Family Martial Arts and why we’re Colorado Spring’s
premiere Birthday Party facility!

Planning a Birthday Party for your child?

Here’s how you can get a fun filled, action packed Birthday Party that is TOTALLY STRESS FREE and your child will be GUARANTEED the most exciting birthday party EVER!

If you’re tired of going to Chuck E Cheeses or McDonald’s and watching kids get stuffed with fattening foods and playing the same old games, then let us help you create an experience that your child will never forget…Memories of special occasions and photo op’s that will make you laugh forever.

Our Birthday Parties are hosted by our energetic, friendly, professional Instructors. Our parties are 90 minutes of non stop structured fun. (Not a bunch of kids running around unsupervised). The games of skill are engaging and crazy fun! Our Birthday Parties are fast paced, super fun and something your child will never forget.

Including when he or she gets to break a real board in front of all their friends & cut their birthday cake with a Samurai Sword! (supervised of course)

Here’s everything you get with your Birthday Party!

• 90 Minutes of Birthday Magic
• Up to 15 Kids 
• 2 Fun Game Masters for your party 
Exciting games for you and your friends
• Birthday Star gets to Break a Board
Cake Cutting with a REAL SAMURAI SWORD!
* Friends get to break a board too,
  (just not on your special day)


The Party starts out with a very special Happy Birthday shout from all of your child’s guests. We spotlight your child by making them a Black Belt for the day as they experience an exciting leadership role, and to top it all off, your child will have the opportunity to cut their cake with a REAL SAMURAI SWORD! (with the supervision of one of our highly trained staff members) We do the set up and the clean up for you.


All of our staff members are enthusiastic and energetic, they are dedicated to making your child’s Birthday Party experience one they will never forget! We promise that a Family Martial Arts Birthday Party will be one of the most entertaining, fun filled and exciting Birthday celebrations your family has ever experienced. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Find out why Parent’s
LOVE Family Martial Arts and why we’re 

Colorado Spring’s premiere Birthday Party facility!

Every parent wants the best party for their kids because we love to see them smile and be happy.
But what if we could give them more? An experience that will last a lifetime?
What if we gave them the ultimate birthday party that not only was fun and exciting, with a ton of cool games, but one that they will rave about for weeks to come?
How could a birthday party impact your child’s life so much? It’s quite simple, our one of a kind interactive approach to birthday parties enables kids to not only learn how to be a ninja but also to become a winner at the game of life.

Our parties are unlike anything you’ve ever seen and are backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! Your kiddo will be thanking you all the way home. You’ll see your kids having the time of their lives, while we bring out the best in them!



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