Frequently Asked Questions


Q: “Will martial arts improve my child’s confidence?”

Yes! You will see improvement in your child’s behavior and confidence almost immediately. Our goal is to take things hard or challenging for each age group, get them good, and raise the bar.Get them good at that level, and raise the bar again, so that by the time a child finishes our program, they are on average ranking in the top 10% of kids their age across the country!

Q: “How often will my child go to class?”

Perfect Attendance is 2 days a week.  Usually Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs

Q: “Are you open Saturdays?”

Yes, we are open every 2nd and 4th Sat each month for extra practice, make up, or just to get your child strong in the skills we learned the previous 2 weeks!  .

Q:  “How can I get started?”

Purchase our web special, then call 719-640-7766 to schedule your first lesson and pick up your childs new uniform that is included with your purchase!

Q: “How does my child earn their next belt?”

Every time your child comes to class, they will earn a 1/2 stripe because they learned a new skill.Earn 8 full stripes and that tells us your child is ready to test for their next belt promotion!

Q: “How do I know if the schedule will work for me?”

See the schedule on the schedule page… We hold a variety of class times, that work with most schedules. 

Monday and Tuesdays are what we call A Days!  Wednesday and Thursday are what we call B Days.We want your child to make it to 1 A Day and 1 B Day each week.So you would get to pick Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday for your class times.

Q: “What is Community Service?”

Doing something nice for someone else without being asked or and without being paid.  We want every child to know they can make their world a better place because they are in it.  This starts with learning how to be thoughtful about their surroundings, and is vital to their emotional growth 

Q:”What is Ninja Camp?”

Ninja camp is a celebration to reward kids that get promoted and it only happens every 10 weeks. It is obstacle course ninja warrior style fun!  Every tester is allowed to bring one friend with them to celebrate.  FYI… The friends parent must be present and fill out a visitor form to be allowed on the mats.

Q: “We have never tried Martial arts before, can my child try ninja Camp?”

Yes!  Call 719-640-7766 to get on the next camp schedule, and find out what to do next.


Q: “Can I start Martial Arts if I’m not in good shape?”

You don’t have to be in great shape to start our program. As a matter of fact, our classes are a great way to get in shape while learning a skill that could potentially save your life. What a great combination!