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Mission Statement… Inspiring kids to reach their greatness, one ninja at a time!

At Family Martial Arts, We believe every child has greatness inside them, and our job is to bring that to the surface!  We do that by focusing on delivering a positive teaching style you want your child around. We offer an amazing fun atmosphere to learn, get your ninja on, and develop leadership skills that inspire the greatness to emerge from within your child!

We have a secret sauce!!!  Our program is designed to take things hard or challenging for your child’s age group, get your child good… then raise the bar! We get them good again, and raise the bar again so that by the time your child graduates our program, they are on average ranking in the top 10% of kids their age across the country! This along with our amazing family atmosphere and caring staff is the breeding ground for developing your child’s focus, confidence and discipline!

Once you walk through the door , you will feel welcome, accepted for where you are at and realize that we are exactly the family you want to be a part of! Students get involved and genuinely care about each other and their success. Come see for yourself! We look forward to meeting you and your family.

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About Us

Family Martial Arts has been proudly serving the Colorado Springs community since 2012. We pride ourselves in having highly trained staff and our state-of-the-art facility. In order to give you the best experience while training here at Family Martial Arts, we focus on:

Knowledge and Experience

Our coaching staff has spent numerous hours, days and years perfecting their craft, making them skilled at the martial arts, but they didn’t stop there. Knowing martial arts and teaching it are two different things and our team takes extreme pride in providing the absolute best experience for you and your loved ones.

A Safe Environment

At our facility, we take pride in keeping up with only the best in protective equipment and training gear. When performing a physical activity, we try our best to reduce the risk of injury and training in a safe environment reduces that risk while providing a top-notch experience.

Be a Black Belt in Life

The martial arts provide us with certain Life Skill benefits such as improved confidence, respect for oneself and others, the discipline to make the right decision and most importantly; the courage to stand up for yourself when needed. These benefits carry over into everything we do giving us a Black Belt attitude at all times.

See Results

We all set goals when we start something new and our highly respected team of coaches are here to help you achieve your goals. Whether it be to lose weight, build confidence, learn to protect yourself or just feel better about yourself; we are here to help you. Remember, you get out of something what you put into it. Do your best and the results will come.

Feel Supported

From our coaches to your fellow students, you will feel the support 100% of the way. Your journey to Black Belt will be one of your fond memories and when you get there…you will know you earned it.

Most Importantly…Have Fun

We teach each class with 3 things in mind. Get a good workout. Learn something new and always have fun while doing it. Come join the fun today!

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